2018 Reading Challenge

New Year means I have a new reading challenge!

I use to have a "12 books per year" challenge, but due to time and work I couldn't manage to read a book each month. So, I cut it down to 6 books a year. I seem to fail most of them, but this year I am going to try hard. I am currently 4/6 books, so I have 2 more to go! Wish me luck.

Today, I want to share you the books I've read the past month and what I'm currently reading and what's on my to-read list.

Let's start with Books I've read:

1. China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan
I have a thing for trilogy, I am very picky about it, because sometimes I just want to read a book and just end it there without having a cliff hanging ending, I hate it when that happens. I have to wait for the next one to come out. But I was so impressed with the story line. I love how the author had done his research in each of the countries' characteristics, and they are mostly on point (some are over-exaggerated but I guess it was needed to make the story even more interesting). So, early this year, I read the whole trilogy, which brought me to my next read book.

2. Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
This book was the last book of the trilogy. It just came out last year. It was not the ending that I was expecting, which is why I love it, I love an unexpected ending from a book. So, the book focuses on how Su Yi dies and how the children and grandchildren are all trying to be on her good side before her last breath so that she'll leave some inheritance for them. Which leads to a lot of drama that is so fun and thrilling. For those Crazy Rich Asian trilogy followers, expect a wedding proposal in this one (an extravagant one). I hope to read more books by Kevin Kwan. I don't know if I should watch the movie because I don't want to be disappointed, but I bet it's good!

3. One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Out of all the books I read for the past months, I love this book the most! It's actually a quick read and an easy book to read. The book takes a setting in a classroom, 5 students were put to detention by one teacher for having their phone on during a class. So, none of them knew each other very well, because one was a preppy kid (goody-goody-two-shoes), a biker (the trouble kid), a jock and a popular girl in school and a journalist. Somehow, one of the student was killed due to allergies or so they thought it was allergies, until they were all questioned by the police as to the details and facts of what happened in that room. I love all the characters in them, and I love the story, it's like you couldn't find who was the one killed the other student. You should read it! It's a good mystery with just a hint of romance.

4. Word in Deep Blue by Cath Rowley
You may know my undying love for the book All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I am obsessed with that book, and couldn't move on from it. It was probably my first book I cried reading, I still have that hole kinda sad feeling when I think about the book and what happened. Words in Deep Blue by Cath Rowley is another book I cried reading. I love the characters and I love the story (obviously). The book is about Rachel who is in love with her best friend, Henry but he has no clue (isn't all guys like that tho? Clueless). She moved away and had a courage to send him a letter in the library/book store that Henry's family owns, but he never got the letter and so he never got a clue on her feelings. Years had past, and she moved back after a tragic story happens which involves her brother Cal's death. She finds the things she didn't know about Cal and Henry finally realises that he was too in love with Rachel and so they were finally brought together. What was sad is the stories about Cal that Rachel didn't even know about, and it kills me to read the facts about Cal. Ugh, just by writing this made my heart sad.

Now, moving on to the current read: The Hate u Give by Angie Thomas
I am currently reading this book because a friend of mine recommended this book. I am still at the very beginning of the book, so I couldn't say much about it yet, but it's a fun read so far. It's about the Black Lives Matter issue and that's actually the only thing I knew about this book. Stick around to read the review.

Finally, my to-read-list: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto 
Yay! My first Japanese Literature book. I've always wanted to read Japanese Literature books and I was always intimidated by Haruki Murakami's books. I'm sure his books are great, which is why I'm intimidated, and one day I'll eventually read them. But I'll start the introduction to Japanese Literature by reading Banana Yoshimoto's books first. I hope this one is a good book, because I ordered it on Amazon and it just arrived on my boyfriend's house so he'll be the one bringing me the book later on this summer when he comes home. I can't wait!

If I passed the 6 books challenge, what do you guys think I should read? Please give me a recommendation because I have a lot of time in my hand and would definitely read more books this year. 



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