What Makes Me Happy

Everyone has their ups and downs, but what makes you the happiest?

To me, being happy means being grateful for what you have. I might be a bit religious here but it is true, I thank God every single day for the little things I have. This is gonna be a long as post so bare with me.

1. My Family

The best support system I can have. We fight a lot, we strangle each other's throat (esp. the brothers) but that's what family are for, right? Right? I mean you have no idea what it feels like to have a mother who is never satisfied and hard to please. Then she wants everything to be her way, which sometimes annoys me to hell, but I believe it's for the best. And then you have the most outrageously annoying brothers who always seems to be in your business 24/7. Like, can you please let me live my life, and let me make mistakes? But through out my horrible mistakes and my downs, although I can't always share stuff with them, they're always there for me to cheer me up in ways that other can't. Just a hug, a pat on the butt or hearing my mother's voice from the phone calms me down. Getting a tag on a picture of my brother's cute dog is also what my proof of that he remembers me, and how much I love his dog. That counts as an affection.


I take breakfast on the weekend very serious. I had to make my own just so I can enjoy as perfect as possible. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but I'm not the only one I bet. I one day imagine myself being fed croissant and grapes for breakfast or yoghurt like the Queen Bitch, Blair Waldorf.

2. My Long Distance Friendship best friend for lyfe.

Yes, you're on the same rate as good breakfast noob. This year counts as our 6th year of friendship. 16th of July 2012 marks the day where I met my other half and soul sis. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT NOOB?! We've been friends for 6 years. No matter how the world seems to tear as a part, you'll always be my favorite person on the planet! I remember when I first asked you if you wanted to go to the orientation at Zouk, but you turned me down. I ended up not going anyway.

3. When I finish reading a book

I am the most happiest when I finally get to finish a book. I feel this very accomplished feeling when I finish reading a book. It's so satisfying, especially one of those Gillian Flynn's books. I don't know what you would categorise them as, I call them mystery books just because they build up the story with sooo many mysteries and then she reveals the disturbing punch line and then you feel very satisfied after knowing the mystery.

4. When I wake up very early in the morning but didn't feel tired, if not very excited for a new day.

You know that feeling? When you wake up just feeling great, like maybe you have a shot for something today and that you're looking forward to it.

5. Mexican Food

Yuum! I can never say no to a Mexican food, it's the only thing I can never get bored of, (and Fish and Chips). But gosh, Mexican food, I would really love to try everything even the traditional Mexican. I've tried just those they have at Taco Bells, but the Indonesian fancy version of them. I can never say no to churros. I love the cinnamon the sugar, the chewy churros. So GEEEEEWD!

6. No Jakarta Traffic

What makes me happy is when Jakarta has no traffic. Where I can drive without having to honk at anyone, and din't have to slow down when I'm in a highway. It's one of those little things, that makes me the happiest.

Maybe this isn't a whole lot of things that makes me happy, but I will probably update more when I realize something that made me happy. lol. 



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