Updates on the New Year Resolution

It's day 119 days since 1st January 2017. Remember that scribbled notes or the mental notes that we kept in our minds called the "New Year's Resolution?"

Yup, I'm here to review my New Year Resolution. Just to keep you guys updated and to keep reminding myself how important it is.

So here are my New Year Resolution:
1. do 10 push ups everyday
2. do 10 sit ups everyday
3. Save money
4. Be more frugal
5. Always get things done
6. Read the Bible a min. of 2 articles.
7. No exception, listen to your parents.
8. Make contact with your old friends.
9. Find side jobs or do something on the sides to make money.

** I kept these notes on my phone just so it's always there just to scare me.

Let's get started!

1 and 2 : I do those occasionally, I ran most of the time rather than do those push ups. I know people kept telling me I shouldn't run because unexplained reason (their reason doesn't make sense to me) and I should do more of these just so I could create muscles and get a toned body. But I'm sooo lazy to do those. So, I kept sticking to running.

3 Save money: I've been doing good with those, so far I've saved a good amount of money. I don't know what their for, but I'm trying to use my money on things that I need and not what I want.

4. Be More Frugal - I guess the save money and being frugal compliments each other. So yeah, that's great!

5. Always get things done - Anyone who knows me I never seem to finish anything, except my jobs I guess. I don't know why I kept leaving just a spoonful of rice on my plate. I know it's just a spoonful, but I don't know why I can't even finish it cause I'm too full.

*here's a secret, it's hard for me to finish a book that sometimes I read the ending first right after I know what the conflict of the book is. Ex: Dark Places. I know I cheated on this, so my excuse to this is that we'll never know when we die, so if I die suddenly, at least I know the ending of the story. :')

6. Reading the Bible at least 2 articles - been doing this very well! This is kinda the promise I made with myself, with God and with the boyfriend. We both believe that God should be the foundation of our relationship. We've seen so many wonders and works of God that we would want to dedicate our life for Him. Whatever happens to the both of us and our relationship, we would be supportive on our religious beliefs.

7. Listen to your parents - I've been a stubborn bitch since I was in High School, transitioning myself from a teenager, to a young adult (currently early 20's) I'm changing myself to be more less stubborn and listen to my parents, because heck, they do know everything.

8. Make contact with old friends - Honestly, I suck at keeping in contact or in touch with people. I don't wanna be one of those people who text a friend just because I need something out of them. I wanna be one of those people who texts a friend just so I know how they're doing. 119 days has gone since the 1st January, I think I did pretty good, I'm even planning to go to Bali to come to one of a friend's wedding (already bought a ticket, just as a sign of commitment). I should work on my bikini body tho. and I kept running into my old friends, so I guess the world agrees with me, that I should contact my old friends.

9. Find a way to make more money - SAY YES TO CAPITALISM! Why not make yourself richer? Right? As long as you know where to draw the line and save more money. Again, I owe this to my boyfriend, who always keeps me grounded and always keep reminding me where I should draw the line. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! And yes, I'm working on doing something I love for money. We'll see how it goes, needs a little bit of perfection.



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