Life After College

Congratulations, you've passed and moved on to level 3 in life. Right after, puberty, and graduating high school (including passing through prom and scoring the SATs or final test as you say in Indonesia).

What next you ask? It's the most excruciating gap of age where you get to be unemployed or struggling whether or not you've gotten the job you want.

Some of you who are smart enough to graduate and have companies shoving their letter of offer up your ass for you to consider in choosing them as your stepping stone of life, congratulations. We are all happy for you. Really...happy...for you.

But let's talk about the average GPA score-er (e.g me). If you don't have companies offering you for jobs then that means you gotta try a little harder to woo the company or the HR. So, here are some things that I felt during my unemployment.

First, you thought to yourself that you finally could wake up late and take vacations that you've been postponing all the 2 years of college in Singapore. When in reality, I felt bad asking for money to actually go on a vacation, because I have no money of my own. Even if I have savings, I didn't want to use my savings (it's for concerts only #sorrynotsorry). So you bring this mission upon yourself that you need to find a job real fast so that you could go on a vacation.

Note: this is a story about me, so it could go other ways for other people.  The world just doesn't collide with me I guess.

I graduated from Singapore and wanted to work in Indonesia because of personal reason. So, I came back to Jakarta thinking I would get a salary that everyone told me that I would have gotten if we're a Singaporean graduate. And guess what? You're valued less than an American graduate, you're valued as close as the Indonesian graduate, if not less (yes, less. which totally sucked).

On top of that, some companies chickened out, called in to schedule an interview, and by the time you get there, even if they pay you lower than what you expected and you assured them you STILL want the job (because it was your dream job), they doubted that you really want the job because "Are you sure that a Singaporean graduate wants to do the dirty work?" and ended up not hiring you anyway.

Finally, you found a job and you lowered your expectations anyway.

So then what happens? You end up getting the job that does not involve your major that you took and you had to learn things from scratch again. Even if it does involve your major, it wasn't something that you familiarly learn in college. When you started learning about the job and liking the job and it's career path, then you set your mind to climb on that career path. Somehow, the company doesn't let you move to the top or to promote you because "you handled this job so well, I don't want to lose a person like you." (believe me, this happened to a friend of mine).

Then before you know it, you hate the job and the environment and you couldn't take it anymore because you don't want to waste your time in a company that is not going to promote people from the bottom, instead kept hiring new people to do the job. And then you're back to being unemployed. Then this goes on and on in circles until you find your glass slippers.

But that's what being an adult is like tho, you gotta do the things you hate and please the people you don't even like. You have to oversee the things that you want in order to make it in the real life. Which is why adults are so fake, because they are constantly learning to be selfless in order to earn a decent amount of money for themselves or for their future family. So, kudos to people who are able to be an adult everyday!

So for those who are still in college, cherish your every moment, do the most craziest and outrages stuff as much as possible because you'll never have the time for that when you start working. Because you know how people say that College or High School is the best time in life for you to be you? Well, it is. I didn't believe it at first, I bet you guys too (because heck, we were stubborn as fuck as a kid). Now I learn and made it my life mission to live a happy life and do whatever I want to do and do the things I think I missed out on when I was in college.

And for those who are unemployed, hang in there, we'll find our prince charming a.k.a the company that you love.



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