9 Travel Make Up Must Bring

Summer is finally here! My birthday is right around the corner you guys! But we're not here to talk about my old old young young age. I'm here to tell you make up things I always bring on my holiday or during my travel.

I don't usually put on make up unless it's necessary or I feel like it, or my skin seems to be a little dull (we all have those days some days, right?) The reason why I don't like to wear make up during my holidays is because it's the holidays, my skin deserves a holiday too. I bring this 9 essentials make up just in case I feel like wearing it or if I were to go on a dinner stroll with loved ones.

From left to right:
1. Sephora Palette (I think...) I got it for free from Sephora. If you're a member in Sephora, they gave you free small gifts on your birthday that you can redeem every year. The reason why I brought this along with me is because it's so handy, because it holds an eye shadow and a lipstick soft cream (is that what they call it?) so I could just grab it and go!

2. Benefit They're Real Mascara - This is my best friend. If I feel a little flirtatious, I love wearing a mascara with my bare naked face. It just lights things up for me and boosts my confidence in a strange way. But I'm actually thinking of getting a more cheaper ones like Maybeline or such, more of a drugstore friendly.

3. Benefit Big Easy - If you're like me, who haaaaates getting your skin oily or hates a liquid foundation or any kinds of foundation and you want something that is a bit sheer that would give you still a natural look, try using this amazeballs BB Cream or any kinds of BB Cream. Another reason why I choose BB Cream over foundation is because it has SPF on it. It shields your skin from sun damage, that's why it keeps your skin healthy. It's a mixture of powder and liquid.

4. Shu Uemera Satin Radiant Stick - This is my other squad member. I love this for travel because a lot of reason. You can use it as a blush and a highlighter, double kill! It doesn't take so much space in your make up bag, because you don't have to use a brush, you can just roll it on your cheeks and voila! I got it in a shade of pink, so I use it mostly for the blush not for the highlighter, I'm no expert like that.

5. Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment - There's a reason why you want to go on a vacation, it's to get that under-eye circles gone! I know you wish we can just Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo through the depth of our dark circles, but we're not Cinderella. Although, that's what you use the Trick and Treatment actually for but I like to use it as a concealer as well. Your skin might needs a little adjusting with the weather, hence the growth of little red spawn of satan...pimples or blemishes.

6. Elf Brush - it's actually a small precision brush, but I use it for my brow. I know it's unorthodox to actually use a brush to fill in your brows, because I've seen people use the eyebrow pencil or the brushes that came with the eyebrow thingy.

7. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - I don't know any girl who doesn't own at least 1 of their collection. I use the Stockholm color because it looks a bit nude-ish but still gives you a little color. You can actually get these from any drug store if you're in the US, and I think you can get these in any department stores in Indonesia as well.

8. MIZZU Eyeliner - OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! I have been trying eyeliner to another eyeliner to another eyeliner trying to find the perfect eyeliner. Then suddenly, I think the moon and the god of make up sent me a gorgeous friend who told me I should try on a local Indonesian Brand Mizzu Eyeliner, because that's what she's been using. Just like BB Cream, I am an eyeliner hoarder (I guess it's because I've been trying on different kinds of eyeliner from different brands). Although, the downside is that it's not waterproof. BUT WHO CARES?!

9. YSL Lipstick - So, remember that Korean series that everyone was so hyped about? I think it was called My Life From The Stars. Everyone was sooooo into that series, I wasn't into it but heard so much about it. They told me about the lipstick color (which is no. 52) the heroine was using sold out so fast that you couldn't even find one anymore. So it got me curious and I went to the counter and bought one. I never looked back ever since. Because it suits my skin tone so good that I just use it all the time.  You have to bring 2 shades of lipstick just in case you're bored with one of them. It's so natural and I love it!

So if you're going on a holiday and if you're going to wear make up, these are the essentials I would bring. Note that I don't always wear make up during holidays because my skin and youuuurs deserves a break too. You want to look as bare as possible during your holiday because you want that Vacation-Glow to shines through in your pictures!

Enjoy the holidays girls! 



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