Street Food 101

Here in Indonesia where majority of the nation religion is Muslim, we're celebrating Lebaran or as other calls it Hari Raya very soon. Before celebrating the holiday, the Muslims has to go through a month worth of fasting (I know, they're awesome like that).

What I love about the fasting month is the street food. Before 6 PM where they're allowed to eat, the streets are all lined up with food! Glorious, sticky, mudda finger licking good street food!

*took both of these pictures straight outta google y'all.

I don't know what it is though, but if it's fasting month I like the hype of people rushing to get food on the streets or the gathering of hungry people wanting food. I don't know, I looooove to be around festivity, it brings me joy. 

Today marks the day where I learn something about myself and a lesson was learn and I would like to share it with you guys. 

1. Learn to bargain
The typical Asian dude is supposedly knowledgeable or had already mastered the "Bargaining" power at a very young age. But nooooooooooo, instead I stupidly just went with the overpriced price they gave me. In my defence, I didn't want my boyfriend to wait too long for me in the car to eat (he hates waiting). But I promise myself, I will be better next time and bargain as hard as I could get. 

2. Try to spot a professional seller
Forgive me Father for I have sinned. That saying usually said when you're on a diet instead you start binging on a food that you're not suppose to, but that's not the case for me. I waste food because I didn't spot a good street food. Buy food that is sold by an old-gross looking man, because he knows what's up and he knows his shit!

So here's the long story. In the street food market I went to, there was more than 3 stalls that was selling the same food, I don't know whyyyyyy in the hell was I drawn to this stall that sells Pisang Ijo (maybe the fact that it was sold by a teenager, I felt like she might needed the money). So, I went with it and bought me my Pisang Ijo (picture above, it's the banana covered in green chewy shit that is sooooo mudda effing geewd. Yes, that's how I describe how good it should be). Haha, note that I said it SHOULD be good. My expectation was high on this teenage girl that looks about a High School age, I appreciate her entrepreneur mind of trying to sell Pisang Ijo at a young age. 

When I took a bite of the Pisang Ijo, I was so sad because I feel like I should've known better than to buy a Pisang Ijo from a girl who looks like SHE CLEARLY DO NOT NEED THE MONEY AND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT SHE'S DOING! In fact, maybe she has too much money in her hand that she puts an effort of trying to multiply that money. Again, very entrepreneur-ish mind. All in all, the Pisang Ijo tasted like shit, the banana was rock hard, the green skin was bland and not chewy AT ALL and it wasn't chilled or cold enough for it to be indulging. I threw it away and I bought another one from an old-gross looking man. 

People always say that the worst food for your body is actually the best food that you've tasted. So this applies to that theory. Take it from me, if you were to buy a street food because you're hungry and you want to satisfy your cravings. Please find a place where they actually know what they're doing. An old gross man knows exactly what they're doing and they're doing it right! Not only that, the regular old gross man's Pisang Ijo is MUCH CHEAPER than the OVERRATED, OVERPRICED Pisang Ijo from the girl's stall. 

3. Budget yourself
I think I could say this in general form. Girls, you should always always budget yourself when you're going shopping. Whether you're buying food, clothes, or anything. I went a little overboard, I was suppose to only buy for my boyfriend and I, instead I think I bought enough to feed an entire village (that's over exaggerating, it was enough for 4 people actually). I think I was soooo hyped that people are buying a lot of things because they're actually celebrating the break-fasting with their family. And I wasn't even celebrating anything but I bought a bunch of things for the 2 of us. I hate myself now. 

So that's what I learn from eating at a street food. I threw a little rant in there just to remind myself to not do the same mistake over and over again. Lesson learned, and I hope it won't happen again. 



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