Break Ups

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's so bummed about the Taylor and Calvin relationship coming to an end?

It's almost 4th of July, and if I don't see an inflatable swan in a pool picture again, I'll be so sad.

But you know what they say, "Not everything last."

Call me a 15 year old girl who fantasise about their hollywood couple for a happily ever after, but seriously, they are both cute. And after all this time, I thought FINALLY Calvin tamed Taylor after all the long list of ex lovers, now he's just another fit to the blank space (yes, pun intended).

I'm happy for both of the couple saying that they left a lot of love and respect for each other.

Break ups are never easy to talk about or to go through. But people have to eventually look at it as a learning process. These are the things you actually don't want to go through. There was a point in my life where I was so tired of actually being in a relationship and invest my time into it when I know in the end that going to go downward spiral. Not because my significant other has flaws, but I think it was because it's just how my mind was set that nothing would ever last. There are also times when I felt like my significant other was waaaay too perfect for me and out of my league and that's when I get so afraid that he'll see my flaws and runs away. Instead, I was the one who ran away as quick as possible. In my mind I just wanted to skip the fights and everything and just go straight to the heartbreak. Then I grew and up and learn a thing or two.

Here is the list of what I do during break up:

1. DELETE/BLOCK their contacts and social medias.

Since I am only 21 years old (not mature enough to have a break up in good terms), I never had a break up that's easy or in good terms. I had to block all of my exes in order for me not to call them or hear from them again. Blocked all their social medias and what-not because I do not want to linger in the pain of seeing them. It's either I'm seeking for them or them seeking for me, and if we actually do talk to each other again, I would end up doing something stupid like getting back together which in the end would be such a mess!

2. Call all my friends!

This call is not a call for help or for me to need a shoulder to cry on. This call is for me to actually go out with them as always, and told them the sad news, but I would neveeeer cry in front of my friends. Don't ask me why, but I'm just not that type of girl. I just want them to take me anywhere they want and have fun together.

3. Cry my hearts out.

After I hang out with my friends and goes home, this is probably the time for me to cry my hearts out and snug myself between tissues filled with my snorts and tears.

4. Wake up feeling awesome.

I would wake up to myself thinking what I did was the right choice and I should be happy for myself and shouldn't linger in the past. Time to move forward! I would make pancakes for myself and would finally have the time to take care of myself and do the stuff I've been wanting to do.

5. "maybe you fucked up a little"

There would still be times for the first 2 weeks that I feel like maybe I've fucked up the relationships too. This thoughts would creep in to my mind during my drive to anywhere or while I shower. But, that's okay, it's normal. Take your mistake for yourself and remind yourself not to do it again later on in the future, in the next awesome relationship.

I think they call this the "Six Stage of Separation" or "Six Degrees of Separation - The Script" but here are my stages of them. Some are almost similar to the theory, but I guess people have different ways of coping with a break up.

So you don't have to take a break up as a hard time, you just have to learn and find your own ways on how to cope with it. Good luck, people! 



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