Still Trying to Find My Miranda Priestly

I have graduated, finally! I thought I couldn't do it within the 2 years (I joined the 2 year program), I thought I'd extended for another year, but God hears my prayer everyday not wanting to disappoint my parents.

Let's just cut to the chase and save the sappy, melodramatic, religious story that I have experience with God for myself because I don't think anyone would want to hear it.

I have been seeking for a job that leads me to my dream job of either being in an Ad agency and Media (Print and TVs). My ad agency dream I think would have to be postponed, because I haven't found an agency that would take me in without thinking I'm applying for an internship. Not that I don't want it, but I'm just trying to find a job that takes me seriously, as I would take them seriously. (Someone please just give me a chance).

I've tried and interviewed on TVs and apparently that dream just went down the drain because I had a horrible experience on a TV station, it was so horrible that you're kind of confuse, I was pissed at myself, I was sad for myself, but I wanted to laugh at myself for many different reasons. But hey, c'est la vie, when you know exactly what you want, life would just be like "lol, this bitch think she's getting her dreams come true, well honey, you're not a Disney character, work harder!"

Advertising might be my second love, but you know what they say about first love, you can never forget your first love. I have fallen head over heels in becoming a journalist, or at least to work in the writing industry such as magazines. I don't care if Miranda Priestly walks over me as long as she's wearing a Manolo Blahnik Satin Pumps. Just like she said "a million girls would kill for this job," and she's right! I would loveeee to work under pressure as Andrea Sachs, because I'm that eager.

I have been in love with studying the Advertising industry. I wish I could make that dream come true. I wouldn't mind working my ass off to get my work done because that's what most ad agency people complain about. I think it's worth it seeing your (crazy) ideas being executed pleasantly and made it come to life. I have even plan a time-map where I laid out what I want to be in the future time according to the time frame I have selected.

People told me to be patients and that's one thing I'm still struggling with. I'm so tired being unemployed, I just wish I could get my big break. I wish I could live my dream but at the same time, I wish I could appreciate what I have too. I wish I would just get a job. I wish...there I go making wishes with not a star in the sky. 



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