Anna and The French Kiss

Oh Paris, the city of love (let's forget the street wallet snatchers). Love, who haven't experience love? I think everyone does. Even the Pope, he's in love with his God and he loves his people. Love is everywhere honestly not just in Paris.

I think it's a great book, and I love the story. I'm happy that it's out of the ordinary, although very predictable at the same time. A lot of us must've fallen in love with someone they shouldn't but couldn't help themselves. The same with Anna, she fell for St. Clair and he had a girlfriend at the time who he thinks isn't going to work out. Anna's best friend was also in love with St. Clair and friendship was broken because of this, but eventually they got to work things out.

Another of Anna's circle of friends broken up and I was happy because it was reality, that actually made me sound like a monster seeing someone suffer makes me happy. But I just like how things are realistic. A relationship sometimes just doesn't work out and people need to accept that, and not doctrine all the young kids with creating a vague imagination of love. Sometimes, love teaches you so many lesson that you don't realise even though it hurts. So I love this book over all because it's realistic. Sometimes, if you want something so bad, you have to struggle, and that's what Anna went through.

I love Stephanie Perkins and I think she's an incredible chick flick writer. I read her next book after Anna and the French Kiss, which is Lola and the Boy Next Door. And it's a cute story as well, and I'm very happy with it as well. 



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