Taylor Swift Red Tour

I've graduated my two year Bachelor studies in Singapore, and it was the best time of my life. Two years, and I'm a happy kid for attending concerts that I've been waiting for all my life. I'm so happy that I've met Wesley Chan (Wong Fu), went to see The Script, went to see Fall Out Boy, and the Taylor Swift concert.

I think I used up my time very well and my money very well. I don't regret a thing. Don't worry, I didn't nag or beg my parents for money, I saved my allowance. That's how hard it was for me to choose which concerts I should go and I didn't regret one bit.

I wrote about Fall Out Boy on my older post, it was great!

My most recent concert would be the Taylor Swift Concert, June 12th 2014. The Red Tour. Didn't want to take a lot of pictures on the show because I think I should enjoy more and worry less about capturing the "moment." I promised myself to have fun and go mad in a concert instead of taking pictures just for the sake of social media. 

This has got to be  the most expensive concert I've ever been on, and I was lucky enough to get this. It's a long story of how I got the ticket. 

So here's the story. The concert was on the 12th June, the first time they sell the ticket, the online system was down and they said they were going to contact us (I was going to watch with my friends) if there are extra seat later. Social medias like Facebook, Twitter and everything was saying that the tickets were sold out and we were loosing hope of going. So, we got over it, and wasn't thinking about it much, we thought we would just save our money for One Direction later on and pay a little extra more for 1D in order to buy a meet and greet ticket instead. 

Then one morning, I woke up getting an email from Tay's promoter saying they are selling extra tickets, I texted my friend and she was up for it (we still saved up for 1D's VIP tickets).  So, then this morning, I have to go to class, so I can't sit my butt in my room to buy the tickets online. Turns out, my friend doesn't have any class on that day, so she rushed out of bed, shower and went to the bank to store our money and buy the tickets online. Luckily, we didn't missed it this time, and were able to buy them on time!

We had a great time, although people were looking at us because we were the only ones who sang like a happy 13 year old girl spinning around in a brand new dress (We had this big wide city all to ourselves...sorry got a little carried away there....)

That was my Cornetto Red Tour story, what's yours? 

May my days in the future are showered with more concerts and I would write more reviews! Wait for my One Directions VIP experience later next year! I'm watching them in Indonesia though. 



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