Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

A book I've finally finished reading whilst procrastinating  my studies for final exam on my last year in University. Good thing, I think I did pretty well though, so no worries about that.

I was reading this book while I was having a book hangover reading the Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (my favourite author ever). It was a very depressing book for me because of the deaths and mysteries it has (you should read it, it I mean the Dark Places). I thought to myself I need a happy book, so I bought Eleanor and Park and read it through the week and was very happy with the book.

Although it has a sad ending where Eleanor and Park's relationship didn't last forever, but it did capture that young love feeling. Because when you're young, you really don't know who you're going to be with in the future, or who you're going to marry. The one that you're with right now, might not be "the one". You're just running in circles chasing each other like reality is just an indistinct illusion. The whole world is yours and it revolves around you and your significant others.

Like all good things, it always comes to an end, and I am a firm believer of that saying. I don't care if it seems cliche or cynical of me, but it is the only truth that I kept holding on to when I read a romantic or a love book. But don't worry, I kept telling myself that just to make myself feel less of a hopeless romantic, which I am (I mean isn't all girls hopeless romantic? ;))

Anyway, I love the book, because it builds the character so much, and I love a book when it's written in two point of views. Well, it's written in a third person point of view of the 2 characters (you get what I'm talking about). I love how Park was being all cocky and mean around Eleanor when they first met and fell in love after that, because that's just how I picture young love. Young love is when a  guy is being totally rude to a girl they like. Or maybe, that's just what my mom told me to just keep me from crying being bullied by the guys at school when I was a little girl. But I bet girls know what I'm talking about.

It's sad that they can't be together at the end of the book, and I kinda hope for a sequel because I want to know what happens next -- Now, that's my hopeless romantic side, gaaah, hoping for something to happen and everything would end up with a happy ending.

For those readers who are looking for a loved up story, trust me this isn't sad or something that you would cry over. It's a great book, and hope you like it as much as I do.

Damn, I think most of the books I review is all good reviews. That's because they are all good books, I hope I can meet people who are fond of books as much as I do. Come e-mail me, maybe we can chat or hang out sometime :) I won't bite......hard ;)



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