"I'm so pumped about some shit from the thrift shop"

I just had to share this with you guys who are living in Singapore. Especially if you're an International Students and especially those who has tight wallet. Yes, I am gonna do so much reference to Macklemore's song, because it's very true so beware!

Don't be intimidated with Singapore's glitz and glamor lights and lifestyle. Everywhere you go, you might feel like it's a fashion show, people flaunting and expressing their own sense of fashion. Teenagers portraying their nonconformist and free-spritied soul by skating down the streets not giving a care to their surroundings and wear anything they want to wear. Huge branded name stores are filled with tourist and locals sharing something in common for their love of luxurious products that could cost your whole life earnings and yet you'll never be satisfied with what you have. Then you start looking down on your wallet and think how are you gonna survive this endless cat-walk because (some people) feel the importance of fitting in, or blending in so you'd feel like you belong.

Now here's my tip, you might want to overlook this fear of not being able to blend in and just feel like you're making your own fashion statement and find your own style. Where can you find your own style in a very reasonable price you ask? Take a look down below.

1. Far East Plaza: I wouldn't categorized them as thrift shopping because, thrift shops are secondhand clothes, and these are not second hand. But don't worry, they have very reasonable price with creativity put into it. They are filled with blog shops. I wanted to post a picture, but I couldn't find it in my closet.

2. Underground Scape: I have recently purchase something very cute in a little store at Scape called Massive Shop. Found a very cute Tartan dress that fits me perfectly, because at these kinds of bazaar or shops, they only sell fixed size (or some people call it, one size). So, I was glad that I fitted into it. There are shoes and gadget accessorize that you can find in the Underground Scape, or in the Scape itself.

3. New2u: I would categorized this place as thrift shop, because it is second hand. If you're lucky enough, you could score a branded cloth! It wasn't my luck, but I bought a nice blouse! :) They sell all kinds of stuff there, shoes, clothes, mugs, kitchen appliances, and even books.
Guess how much I got them. $6! $20 DO get you to pop some tags when shopping in a thrift shops.  

So don't worry International kids, you have could still find stuff that has reasonable pricing :)



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