I am The Messenger

Yay, book review time!

I have recently read the book The Book Thief (because I want to be ahead of the hollywood, and I don't want to see the movie before I read the book). I was impressed with Zusak's writing in the book and the story. It was very engaging, so I decided to read another book of his called I am The Messenger.

This book published before the famous Book Thief, and I was in love with it, it is funny and very poignant. I would call categorize it as a fiction with a hint of mystery to it. Personally, I love mysteries, sort of like Gilian Flynn's books (they're amazing, you should check it out).

I am The Messenger suits ages from 13 - 15 years old. I know, I know, I'm 19 and I'm still reading this short novels. But hey, they're the best! So if you see them on Barnes or Borders (those who are in the States), Kinokuniya (those who are in Asia) or any book store, you should pick it up for light reading or entertainment, or you could just buy the digital copy or from amazon. Go ahead, whatever makes you happy. lol.

Anyway, this is the cover just so you'll recognize it in the store ;)

Stole 'em from Google.
Enjoy my lovelies



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