Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Recently I've finished reading the Gillian Flynn book the Gone Girl. To me, the book was very exciting. I don't understand why, but I think I have a thing for books that has two sides of the story, like the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger which has the 2 leading characters' point of views written at every chapter. This book also has 2 point of views of the two characters. I just love how Gillian writes all the secret mystery that it would just keep you guessing and on your toes to just be aware of what's going to happen next. I don't know how to explain how I was so engage to the book so much that I couldn't let go of it. It is amazing. I would really recommended the book to you guys if anyone of you is actually reading my blog and are into those mysterious kind of story. It sorta feels like you're trying to put the puzzle pieces back together and it is so much fun to do.

The Gone Girl book is a definite must read if you are into those mystery slash romance kind of book.  Somehow I could relate to how the "Girl" a.k.a Amy in the story feels being in a relationship and feels like the only one who is giving a full effort in keeping the spark alive. You feel like you're investing 100% into this relationship but the other significant is just too blind to see how much of an effort are we putting to compromise the happiness of the marriage or relationship (because I am not married yet). But aside from those feelings and the feeling of being cheated on, I feel like it really portrays how relationships (either marriage or just simply going steady) are like in real life.

I am one of those readers that when you read, you suddenly doze of into another world, that you start picturing everything you read, and making them into a hollywood movie in my mind. That sometimes I get confused that was it a movie that I watched about a certain story, or was it a book that I read.

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book to you! I am not giving any summary of the book away because I don't want to spoil how great the book is. Please, please please read it. You would love it.

Oh, and I heard that the book is going to be a movie, so if I were you, I would buy the book ASAP, therefore you wouldn't miss out on all the good part, because sometimes Hollywood just missed out some of the best part due to the timing and budgeting, whatever blablabla. So till next time!

This is the link to the amazon book store if you want to start ordering the book ;)



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