Fall Out Boy Singapore 2013

As you can see by the tittle, I went to the Fall Out Boy Save rock and roll tour in Singapore. It was awesome as I expected! It was a great show, they brought tons of old songs which excites me because not only I get to see them singing the new album, but I also love their songs from the old albums.

I can say that I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan, so here is my review for the concert.

It was held in Fort Canning, so the venue is great because it's outdoor and I guess you can get fresh air. I was way in front of the crowd, which I thought would be a great idea to get closer to the stage, instead the crowd was too violent that I couldn't breath, so I had to get out or else I can't breath. People was pushing and squishing. I guess it was because they were jumping and because it was a sloping ground that they were slipping from their first position. Anyway, I had to get out of the crowd, and when I did, I finally breath, and the concert was still awesome! I loved every minute of it.

I hate it when some people dislikes band that to them are "changing". I don't think it's the band's fault for changing, they're just trying to adapt to the current trend. I like the old and the new albums from Fall Out Boy, I don't feel bothered at all that they are "changing" to a different genre, I love them unconditionally. I have to be honest that I was very upset that they split a couple of years ago, but I have faith that one day they will be back and will be as awesome as they were back then. I LOVE FALL OUT BOY!

So here's a pic from their Facebook. 

And this is a picture and a video that I took 
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