Charity Mode On!

So recently my favorite youtuber had posted a video for a charity. The charity was for water. I know it seems cliche and everything, but I did some research for the charity and the cause of the charity, and people are dying from struggling in getting clean water.

Some people in some countries such as Africa had struggle to find water, once they do have access to water, we don't even know if it's clean or not. That is what causing 3.4 million people each year to die from unclean water. That's is almost the entire city of Los Angeles population.

So by any means, I hope that you guys would check out my youtuber's video, because by every 500 views, he would give the charity $1. He's my favorite youtuber, I think you all know him by the name PewDiePie. Click on his name if you want to view his video. Or even better, if you want to donate yourself, by all means, click here.

So thanks for the love and support, always remember that there is nothing wrong in concerning and wanting peace for the world. 



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