When I heard that Ladurèe was opening in Singapore, I just had to be there for the opening. So on 15th April 2013, I rush to Takashimaya department store and bought myself those sugary goodness.

Macaroons are my favourite, every single time I came to a bistro that has macaroons, it would definitely be my order.

So here is my rating for best macaroons in Singapore, well it only belongs to two.

But on the 3rd place, I think Twinings deserve my love for your macaroons ;) I don't have a picture of them, because I couldn't find any, but strangely, the dark macaroon from Twinings taste delicious. Usually the dark ones are the weird ones, but I can't find my finger on why it taste so good. Oh well, it lightens my taste buds anyways. So good job Twinings!

2nd place goes to Canelè macaroons, oh how I love their macaroons! My favorite has to be rose petal. I feel like I ate a whole garden of roses and I feel a pinch of happiness inside my mouth, then my tummy, then my........well you know. So, I stole this picture from, credit goes to her/him. Thanks :)

1st place goes to our new opening pasiterries store, Ladurèe!! woohoo! You go girl! or man. Anyway, yes they are expensive and made you think twice of the amount you're going to spend on a macaroons, but if you're like me, I never think twice about macaroons! I just have to have em! Give it to me mommah! These pictures were taken by me. So credits to moi and my poor photography skill.

My recommendation, you have to try the Marie Antoinette! They're just wonderful! but, every flavor in that store is wonderful. You know what, TRY EVERYTHIIINGGGGG!!

So ok, I think that's all. Hope you enjoy my weird review and love for macaroons!
I'll keep ya postin ;) 



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